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Published on: 05.13.2011

Had a meeting with the Writer and Producer earlier this afternoon. Had a great meeting. So happy that we are all on the same page. Not only that, I even found the artist that we want to do the painting that will be in the film. Her work and style is amazing and exactly what we are looking. Hopefully, she agrees to do it. But before we can contact her, we need to get some development funding to further develop the script. We won’t be going into production anytime soon because we want to develop the story and script further as we see a lot of potential in the film. I have a really good feeling about this. Everything seems to be falling together very nicely.

After the meeting, the Writer and I just hung out and talked for a good while. Can’t believe how much we clicked. It’s amazing how much we connected.

This is going to be on amazing experience and film.

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