Bad Dad

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Short Film
Red Frog Entertainment/Awkard Silencio Films
Production Year: 2009

While in the process of searching for a new job, Mark Tully has taken on the role of a stay-at-home parent. One of his new responsibilities is driving his young son to and from elementary school. Unfortunately, the more time Mark spends with his son the more he realizes how little the two of them have in common. This begins a series of events in which Mark attempts to shape his son into a more masculine child and ultimately comes up with a very unconventional solution.

AMPIA Film & Television Awards (2011)
– Best Short (nominated)
– Best Director – Drama Under 30 (nominated)
– Best Screenwriter – Drama Under 30 (won)
– Best Editor – Drama Under 30 (nominated)

Victoria Independent Film Festival (2011)
    Victoria, Australia
Victoria Film Festival (2011)
    Victoria, BC, Canada
NewFilmmakers Screening Series (Fall 2010)
    New York, New York, USA
NSI Online Short Film Festival (2010)
Canada International Annual Film/Video Festival (2010)
    – Won 1st Place for Independent – Narrative

Mark Tully………. Tyler Rive
Sarah Tully……… Mandy Stobo
Jeff Tully…………. Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey
Rob Cochrane….. Shaun Johnston

Writer/Director: Cameron Macgowan
Producer: Patrick Creery
Danielle Whyte
DOP: Rhett Miller
Editor: Ken Filewych

1st A.D.: Thomas Martens
2nd A.D.: Matt Watterworth
Script Supervisor: Tansy Wong
Art Direction: Steve Kajorinne
Costume Designer: Lauren Tamaki
Sound Editor: Alex Mitchell
Location Sound: Alex Mitchell

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